Language settings

The Slovak alphabet contains some special characters called diacritics, which do not exist in the English alphabet, so some Internet browsers may not display all the information on the page properly. This page allows you to set up how the diacritics on are displayed on your computer.

If you see names of some Slovak places "Čičmany, Košice, Stará Ľubovňa, Žilina" displayed as your Internet browser is configured just right and you do not need to do any further setup.

If you see something like this: or however, we advise you either

  • modify your browser encoding to "UTF8" - the exact way to do that depends on the type of the browser you use, or
  • simply ignore the diacritics altogether by choosing items ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) in the following menu. The special Slovak characters will be replaced with their simplified English counterparts, e.g. "Cicmany, Kosice, Stara Lubovna, Zilina".

Your current setting is English with diacritics.

Choose your new language setting: