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RE: Thank you
I was very pleased to read about my little town.

Even thought the communism fell, people still live in that spirit in Svidnik. I am one of them, but I wanted to leave the communist life when I turned 18. Currently, I live in Seattle, WA. I must say when I was reading your experience with the hotels and customer service in Svidnik, I felt very embarrassed and sorry for you, but I really felt home, back in Svidnik.

Svidnik is a very nice small town, but as people are not used to any tourists, except for Polish people who come to our town to buy cheaper beer and spirits, they can be very reserved and unfriendly. Conversely, if anybody who comes to their house would be served very well. People are very generous and would offer the last piece of bread.

Communist thinking still prevails in this little town of eastern Slovakia. One can only hope that the next generation would be more customer/tourist friendly, but still proud to be Rusins.
Radka, Seattle, Washington  (May, 7, 2004 07:49:34 PM)

RE: My Fathers Recallections
My father grew up downstream on the Ondava River {Banovce nad Ondava] Born in 1898 and was in World War One. He was a Hungarian but talked Slovak just as well and told me a lot about the Ondava River Valley.and the history of the great battles up around Svidnik. He went to the USA in 1921 but returned to live in Kosice in 1997. He At 105 was honered as the oldest citizen in Kosice. I have made many trips to Slovakia and going again on March 28 2006. My father died just before age 106. He enjoyed marvelous physical condition throughout most of his life. I hope to travel up the Ondava River Valley. My interest is Photography,history,hunting and fishing.
Ronald Pal, Sutton,Vermont,USA  (Mar, 19, 2006 12:44:05 PM)

RE: Home sweet home.
It was lovely to read such realistic description of our little town. We believe that services in Svidnik have long improved - many people have got the message (some never will)! We live in Farnham in England but we were born in Svidnik and our parents still have a large house there. We love comming back to Svidnik. Each time we visit we find a new engle to this developing town. Our parents travel too, but Svidnik is the place for them. Sadly, opportunities for employment are not great and many people we know have to travel to find work. We all pine to return because Svidnik is a most special and a peaceful town. We feel very proud that somebody think so too! See you there!
Katka Parr & J. & A. Samuel, Farnham, England  (May, 29, 2006 12:01:38 AM)
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