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RE: Hello my name is Klaudia Dzmurova and i was born in Bardejov. And i might be only 13 but i know quite a bit about my city. You mentioned that our city didnt grow. Well i go there every summer and it grows every yr i go there. Maby u ment just the monuments. So good job on the article and next time take more pictures of the city not just the square. "MESTO". So contact me if u can thank you bye
Kiki Dzmurova, 11620 Red Hibiscus Dr./ Kupelna 20  (Nov, 19, 2004 01:44:02 AM)

RE: I went to Bardejov on a summer Saturday afternoon a few years back. I found it atmospheric and intriguing. So picturesque, at least in and around the square, but no tourists. And I mean none, apart from me. Hardly any shops or restaurants open. I felt like I had travelled beyond the reach of traditional tourism. And that was why I liked it.
Rupert Metcalf, Plymouth, England  (May, 26, 2005 06:11:04 PM)

RE: This looks beautiful, will visit someday

My great grandfather was from or from around Bardejov. His name in the United States was George German. He Married Estella Mikaelajewski. He was 16 when he left there. I would be interested in talking to anyone who knew of him or of his family. There was a saying of him or his family that refered to something about a pear tree.

Thank you,
Nan Shirley
Nan Shirley, Portland, OR USA  (Dec, 25, 2006 01:20:11 AM)
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