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Kremnica travel tips

Getting there

By bus or train: Direct bus lines from Bratislava take 3 1/2-hours. Otherwise, the best bet is to get to Zvolen first, then catch a bus or train the rest of the way.

Information Centre

Informačné centrum mesta, Nám. M.R. Štefánika 35/44, 967 01 Kremnica, tel: 045/6742-856.


Hotel Golfer, J.Horvátha 910/50. Tel: 045/ 674-3767. Fax: 045/ 674-3788. Single: 970 Sk, Double: 1,470 Sk, Apartment: 2,670 Sk. Breakfast: 120 Sk. CC. Clean and comfortable rooms, cable television, complimentary postcards, modest fitness centre, indoor swimming pool, sauna, massage service and an excellent restaurant. Plus, they have virtual golf. Using real clubs and balls, swingers knock the ball into a computer-generated image of a golf course and then moan as their computer golf ball splashes into a lake.

Hotel Centrál, Dolná 40. Tel: 045/ 674-4210. Fax: 045/ 674-4214. Single: 750 Sk, Double: 950 Sk, Apartment: 1,490 Sk. Breakfast: 100 Sk. CC. Classy hotel in the centre.

Hotel Veterník, Veternícka 19. Tel: 045/ 674-2709. Fax: 045/ 674-4176. Double: 400-600 Sk, Apartment: 1,200 Sk. Breakfast: 60 Sk. Comfortable hotel just outside the centre.

Horský Hotel Minciar, Kremnica-Skalka. Tel: 045/ 674-4124. Fax: 045/ 674-4215. Price: 250-350 Sk per person. Breakfast: 60 Sk. Mountain hotel with sauna in Kremnické vrchy (hills).

Chata Limba, Skalka pri Kremnici. Tel: 045/ 674-3972. Fax: 045/ 674-3973. Single: 280-400 Sk, Double: 500-700 Sk. Mountain hotel with a lively staff.

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2002.

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