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Banská Štiavnica travel tips

Getting there

By train: From Bratislava trip takes between three and four and a half hours, and includes a switch in Hronská Dúbrava.

By car: Take E571 from Bratislava through Nitra. At Žarnovica (1 hour from Nitra) make a right at the sign for Banská Štiavnica and follow a road through Hodruša-Hámre.


Grandhotel Matej, Kammerhofská 5. Tel: 045/ 691-3782, Fax: 045/ 692-1294, Single: 830 Sk, Double: 1,340 Sk, Apartment: 1,900 Sk. Breakfast: 100 Sk. CC. Elegant old-style hotel.

Penzión Tomino, Akademická 9. Tel: 045/ 692-1307. Fax: 045/ 692-1307. Single: 480 Sk, Double: 580 Sk, Apartment: 790 Sk. In city centre in a beautiful old building.

Tvorivé zariadenie FVU, Novozámocká 16. Tel: 045/ 691-1945. Fax: 045/ 691-1945. Double: 510 Sk, Apartment: 590-760 Sk. Breakfast: 65 Sk. With a swimming pool and horseback riding.

Hotel Topky, Počúvadlianske jazero 199, Tel: 045/ 699-4115, Fax: 045/ 699-4107, Price: 720 Sk per person. Breakfast: 140 Sk (Swedish tables). CC.

Antolský Mlyn, Svätý Anton. Tel: 045/ 693-1311. Fax: 045/ 693-1311. Foreign price - Double: 900 Sk, Apartment: 980 Sk. Slovak price - Double: 620 Sk, Apartment: 980 Sk. Breakfast: 70 Sk.

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2002.

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