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Štúrovo travel tips

Getting there

By train: Štúrovo is on the Bratislava-Budapest main line. The trip takes an hour and a half from Bratislava. One warning: the station is a 30 minute walk outside of the city centre, so you may want to take a taxi or a bus.

By bus: Routes through Nové Zámky or Nitra take two to four hours.


Penzión Átrium, Hlavná 51. Tel: 036/ 751-2507. Fax: 036/ 751-2507. Foreigner price - Double: 1,000Sk, Apartment: 1,600 Sk. Slovak price - Double: 800 Sk, Apartment: 1,400 Sk. Breakfast: included. CC. Newly reconstructed pension on main square.

Hotel Montana, Mužla 713. Tel: 036/ 758-3200. Fax: 036/ 753-2000. Single: 1,100Sk, Double: 1,200 Sk. Breakfast: included.

Guest Centre, Továrenská 1. Tel: 036/ 751-1023. Fax: 036/ 751-1023. Foreigner price - Single: 1,575 Sk, Double: 2,025Sk, Apartment: 3,075 Sk. Slovak price - Single: 1,050 Sk, Double: 1,350 Sk, Apartment: 2,050 Sk. Breakfast: included. CC. Pool, sauna, fitness, massage.

Tips for ruins tour

Veľký Krtíš


Hotel Dolina, Škultétyho nám. Tel: 047/ 483-0012. Fax: 047/ 483-0267. Double: 880Sk, Apartment: 1,100Sk. Breakfast: various. CC. Fitness, solarium, sauna. In city centre.



Hotel Lev, Československej armády 2. Tel: 036/ 631-3064. Fax: 036/622-9737. Single: 590 Sk, Double: 820 Sk, Apartment: 1,600 Sk. Breakfast: 90 Sk. CC. Guraded parking. Grand hotel in beautiful building.



Penzión Pepita, kapitána Nálepku 5. Tel: 047/438-1691. Fax: 047/438-3810. Double: 600 Sk. Breakfast: 60 Sk. The only place in town, above a pub and cafe.



Villa Romaine, Hlavné nám. 13. Tel/Fax: 036/ 741-1283. Single: 500Sk, Double: 800 Sk, Apartment: 1,000-1,750 Sk. Breakfast: various. CC. Fitness, solarium, sauna. One of the best deals in the country.

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