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Gypsy Music Festivals in the Slovak and Czech Republics

Due to language-barriers and lack of information, Gypsy music - whether authentic or more stylised - has not been easily accessible for tourists in Slovakia. It is, however, worth looking for. Below is a list of the most regular festivals. These are mostly arranged by local NGOs, and the time and regularity of festivals depends on finances. Smaller Romany music festivals and events take place all over the country during the summer and are usually only advertised locally.


The Slovak Romany Festival Ternipen 2003 (Celoslovenský Rómsky Festival Ternipen)

This annual Romany festival, which goes from September 5 through September 7, is Slovakia's largest. It features both traditional Gypsy folk music and more modern tunes, so-called 'pop-rom'. Both professional and amateur Gypsy groups will perform music, songs and dance. Many cultural activities will be on the program. Traditional Romany food will be available.

Location: The town of Snina, in the Dom Kultúry (House of Culture)
Organiser: Jarmila Kotlárová
Tel: 0905 479-114


The International Day of the Roma

- is always celebrated in Mestský Úrad, Popradské nábrežie, Poprad. Professional and amateur Romany groups perform as well as children's groups. The celebrations take place annually in April.

Organiser: Jolana Husárová
Tel: 0907 919-907


This annual festival, scheduled for July 26, 2003, is in its 12th year. It features traditional as well as more modern Romany music, songs and dance.

Location: The Amphitheatre in Kežmarok.
From 10:00-19:30
Organiser: Jolana Husárová
Tel: 0907 919-907


This festival and contest of authentic, ancient Romany songs and music will include Roma musicians young and old. It's scheduled to take place October 25, 2003.

Location: Dom Kultúry, Detva (House of Culture, Detva)
Organiser: Mária Oláhová
Tel: 045 545-4900


Prague's annual Khamoro Festival of World Gypsy Music, which features Slovak Romany musicians, takes place each May (khamoro means 'little sun' in Romany). It's one of the largest Gypsy music festivals in Europe. Gypsy bands from the whole of Europe perform at various venues throughout the city. There are also seminars, exhibitions, workshops and other events for anyone interested in Romany culture. The festival takes place every May.

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