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Lodging in the Regions

Western Slovakia


Hotel Lipa, Sládkovičova 20. Tel: 046 543-0308. Fax: 046 543-0308. Single: Sk700, Double: Sk950, Apartment: Sk1,700. Indoor parking. Comfortable and clean rooms with a great location beside St. Martin parish church in the centre, opposite the main square from the castle.

Hotel Régia, Zámok a Okolie 3. Tel: 046 543-0991. Fax: 046 543-0900. Double: Sk1,396, Apartment: Sk1,960. Breakfast: Sk90. Great location overlooking the picturesque castle.

Penzión Mado, Jesenského 15. Tel: 046 543-0170. Fax: 046 542-6781, Single: Sk690, Double: Sk1,190, Apartment: Sk1,790. Breakfast: Sk120. Sauna, massage. Friendly staff, small but good restaurant, comfy rooms, centrally located.


Hotel Koruna, Svätoplukova 2. Tel: 037 651-2315. Fax: 037 651-2318. Single: Sk1,900, Double: Sk2,700-3,100, Apartment: Sk3,300-3,900. Breakfast: Sk250. Pool, sauna, park.

Hotel Zobor, Štefánikova 5. Tel: 037 652-5381. Fax: 037 652-5060. Single: Sk700, Double: Sk1,880, Apartment: Sk1,980. Breakfast: incl. Sauna, massage, fitness. Excellent location in the centre.

Hotel Kaštiel Mojmírovce, Mojmírovce 1. Tel: 037 779-8201. Fax: 037 779-8200. Single: Sk990, Double: Sk1,090, Apartment: Sk1,490-1,990. Breakfast: Sk90. A nice alternative, located in a refurbished chateau 15 minutes from the city toward Nové Zámky.


Hotel Senica, Hviezdoslavova 62. Tel: 034 651-7236. Fax: 034 651-7236. Single: Sk1,500, Double: Sk1,700-1,900, Apartment: Sk2,900.


Hotel Tatran, Námestie Slobody 98. Tel: 034 664-4491. Single: Sk450, Double: Sk650, Apartment: Sk900. Breakfast: Sk100. In the city centre.


Hotel Tatra, M.R.Štefánika 2. Tel: 032 650-6111. Fax: 032 643-6213, Single: Sk3,490, Double: Sk4,490, Apartment: Sk5,530. Breakfast: included. Children to 12 years free. Classy art-nouveau hotel just off the main square below Trenčín Castle.

Penzión Svorad, Palackého 4. Tel: 032 743-0332. Fax: 032 743-0332,, Price: max Sk800 per person. Great location in city centre, no smoking allowed on premises.

Hotel Brezina, Lesopark Brezina. Tel: 032 652-8172. Fax: 032 652-8173. Single: Sk1,400, Double: Sk2,100, Apartment: Sk3,000. Breakfast: included. Located in the lovely forest behind Trenčín Castle.

Trenčianske Teplice

Hotel Flóra, Ul. 17. Novembra. Tel: 032 655-2982. Fax: 032 655-2824, Single: Sk1,350-1,550, Double: Sk1,500-2,000, Apartment: Sk2,700-3,330. Breakfast: Sk100. Pretty location in the centre.

Hotel Slovakia, Masarykova 3. Tel: 032 655-3501. Fax: 032 655-3504. Single: Sk890, Double: Sk1,200, Apartment: Sk1,600. Breakfast: Sk100. High-class hotel with fitness centre, sauna and tennis courts.

Central Slovakia

Banská Bystrica

Hotel Arcade, Nám. SNP 5. Tel: 048 430-2111. Fax: 048 430-2222. Single: Sk1990, Double: Sk2430-2,650, Apartment: Sk2860-3,380. Breakfast: Sk80. Luxury hotel in a restored building on the main square.

Hotel Národný Dom, Národná 11. Tel: 048 412-3737. Fax: 048 412-5786. Single: Sk770-1,650, Double: Sk1,200-2,260, Apartment: Sk2,590. Breakfast: Sk 100. Forties-style hotel in the centre.

Penzión Bella, Sládkovičova 9. Tel: 048 471-0510. Fax: 048 416-4190. Single: Sk800, Double: Sk1,300. Breakfast: Sk90. Barrier-free.

Banská Štiavnica

Hotel Grand-Matej, Kammerhofská 5. Tel: 045 691-3782. Fax: 045 692-1294. Single: Sk890, Double: Sk1,500, Apartment: Sk2,500. Breakfast: Sk140. Elegant old-style hotel.

Penzión Tomino, Akademická 9. Tel: 045 692-1307. Fax: 045 691-1564. Single: Sk700, Double: Sk700, Apartment: Sk950. Breakfast: Sk70. In the city centre in a beautiful old building.

Tvorivé zariadenie FVU, Novozámocká 16. Tel: 045 691-1945. Fax: 045 691-1945. Double: Sk620, Apartment: Sk710-920. Breakfast: Sk50-75. With horseback riding.


Penzión Katka, Čičmany. Tel: 041 549-2132. Price: Sk290 per person. Breakfast: Sk70-80. Your chance to sleep in one of Čičmany's painted houses.

Penzión Javorina, Čičmany. Tel: 041 549-2109. Fax: 041 542-2192. Double: Sk600, Apartment: Sk1,100. Breakfast: Sk80. Wine cellar, billiards.


Hotel Golfer, J.Horvátha 910/50. Tel: 045 674-3767. Fax: 045 674-3788. Single: Sk1,170, Double: Sk1,670, Apartment: Sk2,970. Breakfast: Sk140. Clean and comfortable rooms, cable television, complimentary postcards, modest fitness centre, indoor swimming pool, sauna, massage service and an excellent restaurant. Plus, they have virtual golf.

Horský Hotel Minciar, Kremnica-Skalka. Tel: 045 674-4124. Fax: 045 674-4215. Price: Sk400 per person. Breakfast: Sk70. Mountain hotel with sauna in Kremnické Vrchy (Hills).

Chata Limba, Skalka pri Kremnici. Tel: 045 674-3972. Fax: 045 674-3973. Single: Sk280-400, Double: Sk500-700. Mountain hotel with a lively staff.

Liptov Region

Hotel Demänovka, Demänovská cesta. Tel: 044 552-1849. Double: Sk400-520. Half board: Sk170.

Hotel Junior Jasná, Demänovská Dolina. Tel: 044 559-1571. Fax: 044 559-1575. Single: Sk700, Double: Sk700 per person, Apartment: Sk770 per person. Breakfast: included.

Hotel Elán, 1. Mája. Tel: 044 551-4414. Fax: 044 552-3034. Double: Sk2,560, Apartment: Sk3,100-3,490.

Orava Region

Hotel Oravan, Oravský Podzámok. Tel/Fax: 043 589-3115. Double: Sk950, Apartment: Sk1,400-1,900. Half board: Sk200. Right under the castle.

Hotel U Zelenej Lipy, Oklužná 1258/50. Tel: 043 588-5960. Fax: 043 586-4571. Single: Sk700 Sk, Double: Sk1,100, Apartment: Sk1,500. Breakfast: included.

Špania Dolina

Klopačka, Turistická Ubytovňa, Špania Dolina 102. Tel: 048 419-8440. Fax: 048 412-6336. Double: Sk700, Apartment: Sk1,100-1,500. Breakfast: Sk70. Beautiful hotel on the main square.

Horský Hotel Šachtička, Tel: 048 414-1911. Fax: 048 414-5670. Double: Sk1,540-1,680, Apartment: Sk3,150. Breakfast: Sk150. Hotel located at the top of a mountain 15 minutes north of Banská Bystrica, 45 minutes by foot from Špania Dolina. Fitness centre, sauna, basketball gym and outdoor terrace.

Hotel Žiar Donovaly, Donovaly 18. Tel: 048 419-9901. Fax: 048 419-9717. Single: Sk600, Double: Sk1,200, Apartment: Sk1,600. Breakfast: included. Pool included. Fantastic hotel in Donovaly ski resort 30 minutes north of Banská Bystrica.


Hotel Astoria, Národná 1. Tel: 041 562-4711. Fax: 041 562-3173. Single: Sk1,200-1,300, Double: Sk2,300, Apartment: Sk2,700. Breakfast: included. Modern hotel in the centre.

Hotel Slovakia, Nám. Ľ. Štúra 2. Tel: 041 512-4111. Fax: 041 724-7975. Single: Sk1,960, Double: Sk2,900, Apartment: Sk3,220. Breakfast: Sk100.

Hotel Grand, Sládkovičova 1. Tel: 041 564-3265. Fax: 041 564-3266. Single: Sk1,290, Double: Sk1,980, Apartment: Sk2,490. Breakfast: Sk120.

Southern Slovakia


Penzión Pepita, Kapitána Nálepku 5. Tel: 047 438-1691. Fax: 047 438-3810. Double: Sk600. Breakfast: Sk60. The only place in town, above a pub and cafe.


Eva Nora Shop, Letná 4. Tel: 035 771-3158. Single: Sk300, Double: Sk500. Simple but comfortable pension above a restaurant. In the city centre, around the corner from György Klapka square.

Hotel Europa, M.R. Štefánika 1. Tel: 035 773-1350. Fax: 035 773-1351. Single: Sk990, Double: Sk1,700, Apartment: Sk3,000.

Hotel Panoráma, Športová St. Tel: 035 771-3113. Fax: 035 771-3156. Double: Sk950, Apartment: Sk3,500. Breakfast: Sk50-75.


Hotel Lev, Československej Armády 2. Tel: 036 631-3064. Fax: 036 622-9739. Single: Sk690, Double: Sk930, Apartment: Sk1,800. Breakfast: Sk100. Guarded parking. Grand hotel in beautiful building.


Villa Romaine, Hlavné Nám. 13. Tel/Fax: 036 741-1283. Single: Sk500-600, Double: Sk800-900, Apartment: Sk1,000-2,000. Breakfast: various. Fitness, solarium, sauna. One of the best deals in the country.


Penzión Átrium, Hlavná 51. Tel: 036 751-2507. Fax: 036 751-2507. Double: Sk800-1,000. Apartment: Sk1,500. Breakfast: Sk100. Newly reconstructed pension on main square.

Hotel Montanara, Mužla 713. Tel: 036 758-3200. Fax: 036 753-2000. Single: Sk1,100, Double: Sk1,200. Breakfast: included.

Veľký Krtíš

Hotel Dolina, Škultétyho nám. Tel: 047 483-0012. Fax: 047 483-0267. Double: Sk495-880, Apartment: Sk1,100. Breakfast: various. Fitness, solarium, sauna. In the city centre.

Southeast Slovakia


Chatová Osada, Šafárikova 67. Tel: 058 798-3264,. Fax: 058 788-3170. Price: Sk140-250 per person. Breakfast: Sk50. Stay in wooden huts next to the chateau.


Hotel Slovan, Hlavná 1. Tel: 055 622-7378. Fax: 055 622-8413. Single: Sk2,690, Double: Sk3,390, Apartment: Sk5,500-19,500. Breakfast: Sk150. Biggest hotel on the main square housed Pavarotti when he performed in Košice in 1998.

Hotel Rane, Šebatovská 4. Tel/Fax: 055 678-3003. Double: Sk1,200-1,600, Apartment: Sk2,200-2,500. Breakfast: included. Air-conditioning. Pleasant garden restaurant.

Penzión Atlantic, Rázusova 1. Tel/Fax: 055 622-6501. Double: Sk900, Apartment: Sk2,600. Great location, but often full so call ahead.


Hotel Kras, Šafárikova 52. Tel: 058 732-3274. Fax: 058 732-7800. Single: Sk790, Double: Sk1,190, Apartment: Sk1,350. Breakfast: Sk100. Sk50 parking.

Penzión Fan-Fan, Zakarpatská 32. Tel: 058 732-1246. Single: Sk250, Apartment: Sk550 per person. Breakfast: Sk100. Small family-run pension.

Northeast Slovakia


Hotel Poprad, Partizánska 677/8. Tel: 052 787-0811. Fax: 052 787-0888., Single: €37, Double: €50, Apartment: €69. Breakfast: included. Guarded parking, fitness centre, and international cuisine.

Hotel Satel, Mnoheľova 826/5. Tel: 052 716-1111. Fax: 052 772-1120. Single: €40, Double: €58, Apartment: €82-100. Breakfast: Sk120. Fitness centre and Casino.

Hotel Európa, Wolkerova Ul. Tel: 052 772-1897. Single: Sk250, Double: Sk400.


Grandhotel Permon, Podbanské 18. Tel: 052 471-0111. Fax: 052 449-0133. Single: Sk1,500, Double: Sk2,400, Apartment: Sk4,000. Breakfast: included. Swimming pool, sauna, gym, fitness centre, tennis courts.


Hotel Club, MUDr. Alexandra 24. Tel: 052 452-4051. Fax: 052 452-4053. Single: Sk1,160, Double: Sk1,670, Apartment: Sk3,360. Breakfast: included.

Starý Smokovec

Hotel Bellevue, Starý Smokovec. Tel: 052 442-2941. Fax: 052 442-2719. Single: Sk2,020, Double: Sk2,390-2,990, Apartment: Sk3,390. Breakfast: Sk130.

Hotel Grand, Starý Smokovec. Tel: 052 442-2154. Fax: 052 442-2157., Single: Sk1,700, Double: Sk2,900, Apartment: Sk4,500. Breakfast: Sk140. Central location, dining room, tavern, café, bar with disco, swimming pool, sauna.

Hotel Panda, Starý Smokovec. Tel: 052 442-2614. Fax: 052 443-418. Single: Sk1,790, Double: Sk3,050, Apartment: 4,730. Breakfast: included. Family hotel in the forest with solarium, fitness centre and billiards.

Tatranská Lomnica

Grandhotel Praha, Tatranská Lomnica. Tel: 052 446-7941. Fax: 052 Single: €56, Double: €83, Apartment: €145-168. Breakfast: included. Dining room, café, bar, live music, fitness centre. Next to the cable car up to Skalnaté Pleso.

Hotel Eurocamp FICC, Tatranská Lomnica. Tel: 052 446-7741. Fax: 052 446-7346. recepcia@eurocamp-fisk. www.eurocamp-fisk Double: Sk900, Apartment: Sk1,800. Breakfast: Sk100. Bungalows for two.

Hotel Slovan, Tatranská Lomnica. Tel: 052 446-7851. Fax: 052 446-7627. Single: Sk1,950, Double: Sk2,400, Apartment: Sk3,500. Breakfast: included. Dining room, café, bar, disco, sauna.

Hotel Wili, Tatranská Lomnica 88. Tel: 052 446-7761. Fax: 052 446-8229. Single: €28, Double: €42. Breakfast: included.

Penzión Bilín, Tatranská Lomnica 50. Tel: 052 446-7778. Fax: 052 446-7778. Price: Sk250-300. Great accommodation in a large 19th century inn. Short walk from the electric rail line, fire pit for cooking out back.

Štrbské Pleso

Hotel Fis, Štrbské Pleso. Tel: 052 449-2221. Fax: 052 449-2422. Single: Sk1,470, Double: Sk2,340, Apartment: Sk3,900. Breakfast: included. Swimming pool, vegetarian restaurant and sauna.

Hotel Panoráma, Štrbské Pleso. Tel: 052 449-2111. Fax: 052 449-2810. Single: Sk1,100, Double: Sk2,000, Apartment: Sk3,000. Breakfast: included.

Hotel Patria, Štrbské Pleso. Tel: 052 449-2591, Fax: 052 449-2590. Single: Sk2,270, Double: Sk3,080, Apartment: Sk4,680-5,540. Breakfast: included. Winter garden, swimming pool, sauna and congress hall.


Hotel Chemes, Nám. Slobody 51. Tel: 057 776-2609. Fax: 057 778-4953. Single: Sk890, Double: Sk1,320, Apartment: Sk1,720. Breakfast: Sk70. Fitness, massages, solarium. Big building by the train station on the Main Square.

Penzión Albína, Nám. slobody. Tel: 057 775-7939. Double: Sk2,430, Apartment: Sk2,640. Breakfast: Sk100. Newly refurbished, swanky joint.


Penzión Andy, Andyho Warhola. Tel: 057 732-1640. Fax: 057 732-2812. Apartment: Sk1,500. Breakfast: included. Terrace and guarded parking. An attractive pension across the street from the museum.


Hotel Arkáda, Námestie Majstra Pavla 26. Tel: 053 451-2372. Fax: 053 451-2255. Single: €29, Double: €44, Apartment: €52. Breakfast: Sk100/€3. On main square, with a wine cellar, sauna, and free parking. Staff can arrange horseback riding and sightseeing tours by plane.

Hotel Satel, Námestie Majstra Pavla 55. Tel: 053 451-2943. Fax: 053 451-4486., Single: Sk1,750, Double: Sk2,100, Apartment: Sk3,000. Breakfast: Sk120. Also on main square with good restaurant and sauna.

Autocamping Levočská dolina, Levočská dolina. Tel: 053 451-2701, 451-2705. Price: Sk75 per person, Sk65 per car, Sk40-60 per tent. Next to an artificial lake. Restaurant, volleyball, basketball, and playground.


Hotel Dukla, Námestie legionárov 2. Tel: 051 772-2741. Fax: 051 773-2134. Single: Sk1,800 Sk, Double: Sk2,600, Apartment: Sk2,800-5,000. Breakfast: Sk130. A high standard hotel located opposite Tesco at the southern end of Hlavná.

Penzión Átrium, Florianová 4. Tel: 051 773-3025. Fax: 051 773-3952. Double: Sk1,100, Apartment: Sk1,350-2,000. Breakfast: Sk150. Family pension with restaurant.

Turistická ubytovňa Sen, Vajanského 65. Tel: 051 773-3170. Single: Sk220, Double: Sk400. Perfect for travellers on a budget, and a great location in the heart of town.

Spišská Nová Ves

Metropol, Štefánikovo nám. 2, west of the main square. Tel: 053 442-2241. Fax: 053 442-3628., Single: €40, Double: €50, Apartment: €92. Recently refurbished, somewhat fancy high-rise.

Šport Hotel, Terezy Vansovej, behind the ice hockey stadium. Tel: 053 442-6753., Single: Sk200-225, Double: Sk370-450. Apartment: Sk800. No-frills budget option.


Hotel Dukla Senior, Sovietskych hrdinov 228. Tel: 054 752-3388. Fax: 054 752-3267. Single: Sk400, Double: Sk800, Apartment: Sk1,500. Breakfast: various. Simple hotel, but friendly.

Hotel Rubín, Centrálna 274. Tel: 054 752-4210. Fax: 054 752-4211. Single: Sk400, Double: Sk800, Apartment: Sk1,600-2,000. Breakfast: various. The fancier option, but amazingly boorish employees.


Hotel Šport, Kutuzovova 34. Tel/Fax: 054 472-4949. Double: Sk550-690, Apartment: Sk790. Breakfast: Sk70. Not much to choose from in Bardejov, and this place is not exactly elegant.

Bardejovské Kúpele

Hotel Minerál. Tel: 054 472-4122. Fax: 054 472-4124. Single: Sk650-930, Double: Sk900-1,320, Apartment: Sk1,700-2,700. Breakfast: included. Fitness centre.

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2003.

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