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Summer Tatra Travel Tips

Chata pri Zelenom plese.
Tel: 052 446-7420.
Beds: 56. Price: Sk350.

Skalnatá chata.
Tel: 052 446-7075.
Beds: 8. Price: Sk200.

Bílikova chata.
Tel: 052 442-2439.
Fax: 052 442-2267.
Beds: 27. Price: Sk400-480.

Téryho chata.
Tel: 052 442-5245.
Beds 24. Price: Sk300. Breakfast: included.

Zbojnícka chata.
Tel: 0903 619-000.
Beds: 16. Price: Sk300. Breakfast: included.

Sliezsky dom.
Tel: 052 442-5261.
Fax: 052 442-5202.
Beds: 127. Price: Sk260-440.

Chata Popradské pleso.
Tel/Fax: 052 449-2177.
Beds: 139. Single: Sk350-680, Apartment: Sk700 per person. Breakfast: Sk130. CC.

Chata pod Rysmi.
Tel: 052 442-2314.
Beds: 20. Price: Sk120.

Zamkovského chata (1,475 m).
Tel: 0903 619-000.

Chata kpt. Rašu (1,180 m).
Tel: 052 449-0115.

Many hotels have receptionists who speak English, at least enough to arrange the logistics of a foreigner's stay. But some don't. So here are some key phrases:

Máte voľné izby?(Do you have any vacancies?)
Prosím si jednoposteľovú izbu/dvojposteľovú izbu(I would like a single room/double room)
Koľko stojí jedna noc?(How much does it cost for one night?)
Je v izbe kúpeľňa alebo sprcha?(Is there a bath or shower in the room?)
Kedy sa musím odubytovať?(When is check-out time?)
Sú raňajky v cene?(Is breakfast included?)

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2003.

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