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Lodging in Bratislava


Names are listed first, followed by the address, telephonenumber, other relevant contact information, and then the price.

CC = credit cards accepted.

Autocamp Zlaté Piesky, Senecká 2. Tel/Fax: 02 4425-7373, Bungalow: Sk410-890. Zlaté Piesky is a large lake outside the centre where small cabins can be rented.

Botel Fairway, Nábrežie arm. gen. L. Svobodu. Tel: 02 5441-2090, Fax: 02 5441-2711, Single: Sk1,900 per person, Double: Sk2,300. Breakfast: Included. CC. Sleep on the Danube River in this boat-hotel near the Old Town.

Botel Grácia, Rázusovo nábrežie. Tel: 02 5443-2132, Fax: 02 5443-2131, Single: Sk2,030, Double: Sk2,760. Breakfast: included. CC. Another boat-hotel, located in front of the Slovak National Gallery near the Old Town. Rooms are clean and comfortable, staff is friendly and fluent in several languages, and summer evenings here are unforgettable while sitting on the outside deck restaurant.

Holiday Inn, Bajkalská 25/A. Tel: 02 4824-5111. Fax: 02 4824-5112. Single: Sk5,000, Double: Sk5,000, Apartment: Sk8,400. Breakfast: included. CC. It's a bit outside the city centre, but has all the western amenities you'd expect from a Holiday Inn.

Hotel Astra, Prievozská 14/A. Tel: 02 5823-8111. Fax: 02 5823-8222. Double: Sk1,000, Apartment: Sk2,000. CC. Near the central bus station.

Hotel Barónka, Mudrochova 2. Tel: 02 4487-2324. Fax: 02 4488-5400. Standard - Single: Sk1,400, Double: Sk1,700-2,300. Business - Double: Sk2,300, Apartment: Sk2,700-4,000. Breakfast: included. CC.

City Hotel Bratislava, Seberíniho 9. Tel: 02 4341-1592. Fax: 02 4333-6420. Standard - Single: Sk2,000, Double: Sk2,300, Apartment: Sk2,900-3,800. Business - Single: Sk2,800, Double: Sk3,200. Breakfast: included, CC. A big hotel located in the suburb of Ružinov.

Hotel Danube, Rybné námestie. 1. Tel: 02 5934-0000. Fax: 02 5441-4311. Standard - Single: €152, Double: €172, Apartment: €280. Business - Single: €163, Double: €183, Apartment: €280. Executive - Single: €183, Double: €203, Apartment: €280. Breakfast: included, CC. Weekend discounts. One of the elite hotels in Bratislava, found at the eastern end of the newly reconstructed Hviezdoslav Square.

Hotel Devín, Riečna 4. Tel: 02 5443-3640. Fax: 02 5443-0682. Single: Sk5,500, Double: Sk6,500, Apartment: Sk9,700-15,900. Breakfast: included, CC. Next door to Hotel Danube. Classy hotel with live music on the patio restaurant every Thursdays during the warmer months.

Hotel Dukla, Dulovo námestie 1. Tel: 02 5596-8922. Fax: 02 5596-9379. Economy - Single: Sk2,170, Double: Sk2,500-2,870, Business - Single: Sk3,170, Double: Sk3,670, Apartment: Sk4,720-10,900. Breakfast: included, CC. A pretty good terrace restaurant on the second floor.

Hotel Echo, Prešovská 39. Tel: 02 5556-9170. Fax: 02 5556-9174. Single: Sk1,400, Double: Sk1,760, Apartment: Sk2,100. Breakfast: included, CC. Modern hotel and quite affordable for this city.

Hotel Fórum, Hodžovo nám. 2. Tel: 02 5934-8115. Fax: 02 5443-3265. Single: €160-205, Double: €180-225, Apartment: €350-510. Breakfast: €10. CC. Hotel Fórum frequently hosts government delegations and top-level state and diplomatic conferences. It is close to everything - the Presidential Palace, the main shopping strip, the main town squares.

Hotel Ibis, Zámocká 38. Tel: 02 5929-2000. Fax: 02 5929-2111. Double: Sk2,250-2,650. Breakfast: Sk310. CC.

Hotel Incheba, Viedenská cesta 7. Tel: 02 6727-2000. Fax: 02 6727-2542. Single: SK1,360, Double: Sk1,600, Apartment: SK2,250. Breakfast: Sk150. CC. Located next to the Bratislava exhibition centre on the Petržalka side of the Danube.

Hotel Junior, Drieňová 14. Tel: 02 4333-8000. Fax: 02 4333-8065. Single: Sk2,380, Double: Sk2,830, Apartment: Sk3,180. Breakfast: included. CC. Located on the shore of a small lake in the suburb of Ružinov.

Hotel Kamila, Čierna Voda 611. Tel: 02 4594-3611. Fax: 02 4594-3631. Single: Sk3,190, Double: Sk3,590, Apartment: Sk4,800. Breakfast: included. CC.

Hotel Kyjev Bratislava, Rajská 2. Tel: 02 5964-1111. Fax: 02 5292-6820. Single: Sk2,000, Double: Sk2,400, Apartment: Sk3,000. Breakfast: included. CC.

Hotel Marrol's, Tobrucká 4. Tel: 02 5778-4600. Fax: 02 5778-4601. Quality - Single: €130, Double: €147. Executive - Double: €188, Apartment: €217-410. Breakfast: included. CC.

Hotel Miva, Bzovícka 38. Tel: 02 6382-2556. Fax: 02 6382-8021. Single: Sk1,500, Double: Sk2,010, Apartment: Sk4,200. Breakfast: Sk50. CC. Located on the outskirts of Petržalka.

Hotel Nivy, Líšcie nivy 3. Tel: 02 5541-0390. Fax: 02 5541-0389. Double: Sk1,400, Apartment: Sk2,700. Breakfast: various.CC. A swimming pool and fitness-centre inside.

Hotel No. 16, Partizánska 16/A. Tel: 02 5441-1672. Fax: 02 5441-1298. Single: €95-100, Double: €105-125, Apartment: €145-270. Breakfast: included. CC. A cosy, exclusive hotel in a quiet tree-lined neighbourhood 10 minutes from the downtown and the castle.

Hotel Perugia, Zelená 5. Tel: 02 5443-1818. Fax: 02 5443-1821. Single: Sk4,280, Double: Sk5,080. Breakfast: included. CC. A small, classy hotel in the heart of the Old Town, just off the Main Square. This is the best buy in town for tourists willing to pay over a hundred dollars a night. Rooms are full of period furniture and walls are hung with original art that can be purchased. The hotel is in a pedestrian zone, so parking can be a problem.

Hotel Sorea, Kráľovské údolie 6. Tel: 02 5441-4442. Fax: 02 5441-1017. Single: Sk1,210, Double: Sk1,460, Apartment: Sk4,000. Breakfast: Sk155. CC. Near the river Danube.

Hotel Tatra, Námestie 1.mája 5. Tel: 02 5927-2111. Fax: 02 5927-2135. Single: Sk2,920 - 2,990, Double: Sk3,980 - 4,250, Apartment: Sk7,500. Breakfast: included. CC. A recently reconstructed hotel near the centre, Tatra is in a complex that houses a cinema and a dance club.

Hotel Turist, Ondavská 5. Tel: 02 5557-2789. Fax: 02 5557-3180. Single: Sk1,080, Double: Sk1,340. Breakfast: Sk60-90. Friendly and helpful staff.

Penzión Grémium, Gorkého 10. Tel: 02 5443-0653. Single: Sk920, Double: Sk1,350, Apartment: Sk1,650. Breakfast: Sk67-157. CC. Above the Grémium pub in the Old Town. Good price for Bratislava.

Penzión Chez David, Zámocká 13. Tel: 02 5441-3824. Fax: 02 5441-2642. Single: €52, Double: €97, Apartment: negotiable. Breakfast: included. CC. Just under the castle, Penzion David has a superb kosher restaurant.

Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel, Hviezdoslavovo námestie 3. Tel: 02 5939-0000. Fax: 02 5939-0010., Price: €145-189 per night, Apartment: €375. Breakfast: included. CC.

Rybársky Cech Penzión, Žižkova 1/A. Tel: 02 5441-8334. Fax: 02 5441-8333. Single: Sk950, Double: Sk1,800, Apartment: Sk2,900. Breakfast: included. CC. The best two-star deal in town.

Best Western Hotel West, Koliba - les, Kamzík. Tel: 02 5478-8692. Fax: 02 5477-7781. Single: Sk2,800-3,500, Double: Sk3,000-3,700, Apartment: Sk4,100-4,300. Breakfast: included. CC. High-class hotel located on top of Koliba. Great for a retreat from the city bustle, especially if you have a car.

Youth Hostel Bernolák, Bernolákova 1. Tel: 02 5249-7721. Double: Sk360. Available from June 15 to end of August. A knowledgeable staff can point you to the best sites or where to find the night life. There's a swimming pool in the hostel and a disco on the weekend.

Youth Hostel Družba, Botanická 25. Tel: 02 6542-1968. Single: Sk540, Double: Sk840. Many students, including foreign ones, call this home. The Danube is a two-minute walk away.

Youth Hostel Ing. M. Nešpora, Svoradova 13. Tel: 02 5441-4843. Fax: 02 5441-4843. Price: Sk270 per person. Near the castle. Available only in summer.

Youth Hostel Mladá Garda, Račianska 103. Tel: 02 4425-3065. Fax: 02 4445-9690. Single: Sk350, Double: Sk250. .Youth Hostel N. Belojanisa, Wilsonova 6. Tel: 02 5249-7735. Open mid June till end of August.

Outside Bratislava


Penzión Club M.K.M., Štúrova 25. Tel: 033 647-5313. Fax: 033 6475-5576. Single: Sk550, Double: Sk900, Apartment: Sk1,400, Chalet:Sk 2,000. CC.

Horský Hotel Zochova Chata, 900 01 Modra. Tel: 033 647-0280. Fax: 033 647-0223. Single: Sk300, Double: Sk800, or Sk400 (no bathroom), Apartment: Sk1,700.


Hotel Limbach, 900 91 Limbach. Tel: 033 647-7361. Fax: 033 647-7281. Single: Sk1,500, Double: Sk1,800-2,200. Breakfast: included. CC.

Motel na Vrchu Baba, Baba, Pezinok. Tel/Fax: 033 640-3636. Double: Sk1,200. Breakfast: Sk120.

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