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A project this large, completed in so short a time by a foreigner who doesn't speak Slovak, obviously could not have been done without the help of many patient and kind people. Because of space constraints, I can mention only a few. Petra Pašková proved to be a wonderful, resourceful assistant/translator on two extended trips across the country. Kristína Havasová guided me into my first Slovak wine cellar, and generally helped orient me when I first arrived. Saša Petrášová introduced me to the local underground hip-hop scene, and was a constant source of information. Jozef Šlepecký invited me to spend Easter with his wonderful, generous family in the northeastern village of Bukovce. I also had the pleasure of spending a weekend with the family of Ján Svrček in the southern village of Cinobaňa, where I experienced classic Slovak hospitality and great goulash. Rachel Salaman and Brian Jones extended me limitless hospitality and invaluable advice as the project progressed. Finally, thanks to the entire staff of The Slovak Spectator, all of whom helped me in countless ways. Any errors or weaknesses in this year's Spectacular are my own responsibility; its strengths owe much to the people mentioned here.

Tom Philpott

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2003.

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