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Považská Bystrica

By James Thomson

Považská Bystrica, which is most famous locally for its traffic jams (the main D1 highway ends abruptly on either side of the town, forcing traffic through the centre), is the main town in the north of Trenčín Region.

Redevelopment during the communist era has left it with an historic church and a collection of concrete blocks ugly even by the standards of the 1970s (though not entirely characterless: there is, for instance, an interesting, almost impressionist, mosaic on the face of one public block in the centre visible from the road). One suspects the time will come, not very long from now, when campaigns to protect the more outstanding of these architectural specimens will begin in earnest. Something of the kind has begun to stir in Bratislava in support of the city-centre Hotel Kyjev, though at the time of writing the building seemed unlikely to survive the attentions of developers.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that there is little to detain the casual visitor to Považská Bystrica for now. As in almost all such places in Slovakia, however, salvation is near at hand (see article about Manínska tiesňava).

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