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Pobedim: Southern Trenčín Region

By James Thomson

    The walled church in Pobedim.
 The walled church in Pobedim.
 Photos by James Thomson

St Michael the Archangel church in the village of Pobedim (Trenčín Region) was built in the 1670s, just a few years before the Ottomans made their final assault on Vienna in 1683. As a result, the church is surrounded by an unusual defensive wall, with loopholes and towers. The interior of the church, which is intricately painted, is also worth a look. The trees which now tower over the defences were presumably allowed to grow only after the Ottomans withdrew from central Europe.

To gain entry to the church and its precincts you may need to call on the priest, who lives, unsurprisingly, in a house adjacent to the church: look for the memorial to Slovak poet Ján Hollý on its wall. If your language skills are up to it, you can also ask to see the village's museum, which is housed in a preserved nineteenth-century village house and features relics, unearthed in nearby archaeological digs, dating back to the ninth-century Great Moravian Empire.

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