These articles were published in the Spectacular Slovakia travel guide, published annually by The Slovak Spectator since 1996. The latest editions can be obtained from our online shop.

Contents - Spectacular Slovakia 2005


> Spectacular Slovakia 2005

> Contents

> Editor's note

> Notes on style

> Welcome in Slovakia

> The Basics

> Language guide


> The Gothic Route

> Be prepared!

> Paths less travelled

> Slovakia then and now

> A nation divided against itself

> Living history in the Valley of Death

> Sight unseen - Slovak socialist architecture

> Winning hearts and minds for history

> Rediscovering Slovakia through the eyes of newcomers

> Slovak folk architecture

> Three points of operatic excellence

> Get serious: following Svejk through Slovakia


> Climbing

> Running

> Cycling

> Skiing


> Land of sheep cheese and honey

> How to head for the countryside

> In a pickle

> Slovak grape varieties

> Slovak wine recommendations

> How to read a Slovak wine label

> How to read a Slovak beer label

> Slovakia’s fruity firewaters

> Strong medicine

> Slovak food

> Fast foods


> Imagining Pressburg

> The Slovak Philharmonic: Reviving high society

> Get that old time beat, down by the Danube

> City of changes

> A selection of Bratislava galleries

> Stylish hand-me-downs in the city of dusty gems


> Suggested trips

> Bratislava

> Around Bratislava

> Žilina and Northern Slovakia

> Nitra and Southern Slovakia

> Banská Bystrica and Central Slovakia

> High Tatras and around

> Spiš

> How to read Slovak trail marks

> Prešov and the Šariš Region

> Košice

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2005, which you can obtain from our online shop.