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Humenné travel tips

Getting there

By train: From Bratislava, there is a rýchlik (fast) train that goes directly to Humenné with no switches, lasting eight hours and 15 minutes (it leaves Bratislava at 9:50). Otherwise, go to Košice and take a local train up into Humenné.


Hotel Chemes, Nám. Slobody 51. Tel: 057/ 776-2609. Fax: 057/ 778-4953. Slovak price - Single: 590Sk, Double: 870Sk, Apartment: 1,300Sk. Foreigner price - Single: 890Sk, Double: 1,320Sk, Apartment: 1,720Sk. Breakfast: 70Sk. CC. Fitness, massages, solarium. Big building by the train station on the Main Square.

Hotel Karpatia, Staničná 1. Tel: 057/ 775-2037. Fax: 057/ 775-4323. Single: 300Sk, Double: 520Sk, Apartment: 820Sk. Breakfast: 60Sk. CC. Low budget option, opposite the main train station.

Penzión Albína, Nám. slobody. Tel/Fax: 054/775-6303. Foreign price - Double: 2,430 Sk, Apartment: 2,640 Sk. Slovak price - Double: 1,430 Sk, Apartment: 1,640 Sk. Breakfast: 100 Sk. CC. Newly refurbished, swanky joint.

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2002.

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