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Svidník travel tips

Getting there

By car: Follow highway 77 east from Bardejov. From Prešov, take E371 north-east out of town, then high-way 73.

By bus: There are regular connections from Bardejov every hour or two. Trip takes about an hour. From Bratislava, take a train to Košice (six hours), then a two hour bus to Svidník.


Hotel Dukla Senior, Sovietskych hrdinov 228. Tel: 054/ 752-3388. Fax: 054/752-3267. Foreigner price - Single: 400 Sk, Double: 800 Sk, Apartment: 1,500 Sk. Slovak price: Single: 300 Sk, Double. 600 Sk, Apartment: 1,000 Sk. Simple hotel, but friendly.

Hotel Rubín, Centrálna 274. Tel: 054/ 752-4210. Fax: 054/ 752-4211. Foreigner price - Single: 400 Sk, Double: 800 Sk, Apartment: 1,200-1,600 Sk. Slovak price - Single: 300 Sk, Double: 600 Sk, Apartment: 1,200-1,600 Sk. The fancier option, but amazingly boorish employees.

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2002.

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