These articles were published in the Spectacular Slovakia travel guide, published annually by The Slovak Spectator since 1996. The latest editions can be obtained from our online shop.

The Slovak national anthem

Nad Tatrou sa blýska,
hromy divo bijú.
Zastavme ich bratia,
veď sa ony stratia,
Slováci ožijú.

To Slovensko naše
dosiaľ dlho spalo.
Ale blesky hromu
vzbudzujú ho k tomu,
aby sa prebralo.
Lightning flashes over the Tatras,
the thunder pounds wildly.
Let them pause, brothers,
they will surely disappear,
the Slovaks will revive.

This Slovakia of ours
has been fast asleep until now.
But the thunder and lightning
are encouraging it
to come alive.

These articles and related information were published in Spectacular Slovakia 2002.

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